MetroHealthy Living: Fighting Childhood Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

by Dr. Reema Gulati, MD
Division Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology, MetroHealth Medical Center

I am worried about our children because they are developing fatty liver disease at an incredible rate, and fatty liver disease is entirely preventable.  I encourage you all to help foster a culture of healthy living, healthy eating and physical activity, and set examples for your children.

As a gastroenterologist and a liver specialist I see a lot of children with liver diseases and I would just like my audience to know that, unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of fatty liver disease in children nowadays something that was almost unheard of, say, 20 years ago. Continue reading

Tremont Food Mart ATM Smash-and-Grab

Around 3:40 am on Tuesday morning, Tremont Food Mart was robbed by an ATM Smash-and-Grab crew of between eight and ten members.  Longtime owner, Yousef Khanfar (right), is pictured shortly after Cleveland Police left the scene. Continue reading