Merrick House High School Equivalency Programs

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Merrick House (1050 Starkweather Avenue, 216.771.5077) was founded in 1919.  Tremonsters may be aware that Merrick House is known for its after-school programs and day care; they may not be aware that it also has high school equivalency and adult education courses.  This TremonsterTV report gets up-close-and-personal with Jessica Untch, Director of Adult Education at Merrick House, about Merrick House’s Adult Education offerings.  Lukas Hamlescher reports.

New Lincoln-West School to Have Space at MetroHealth

New Lincoln-West School to Have Space at MetroHealth


CMSD’s new Lincoln-West School of Science and Health will be based partly at the MetroHealth System’s main campus.

District and hospital leaders believe the school, which will open July 25 with ninth- and 10th-graders, may be the only one in the country located within a hospital.

Tenth-graders will attend classes at MetroHealth three days a week, while ninth-graders visit weekly. The students will interact with professionals and observe the medical, business and other careers available in the healthcare industry. The juniors and seniors who come later will take coursework at Lincoln-West and online and serve internships.

“The Lincoln-West School of Science and Health will expose students to the hundreds of jobs available in healthcare, jobs that will guarantee them a sound and safe future,” Dr. Akram Boutros, MetroHealth’s president and chief executive officer, said at annual stakeholders meeting Thursday at the Global Center for Health Innovation. He listed the school among accomplishments and plans that address the health and well-being of Cuyahoga County residents. Continue reading

Michael Cannavino & Greater Cleveland Volunteers


by Dianna Kall

“I chose to start volunteering because I have been blessed with a great family and health throughout my entire life and that is not the same for all people,” said Michael Cannavino, a west-side Clevelander, as he began explaining why he has added volunteering to his already packed schedule.

Cannavino, a full-time dispatcher with Cleveland Metroparks Ranger Department, has completed his bachelor’s degree in communications from Cleveland State University and is currently enrolled at Kent State University, pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration.

“As my educational career changed I realized how important a solid education is, but more so, my comfort in the classroom. That’s when I realized I wanted to tutor or mentor children and give them positive educational experiences,” Cannavino elaborated.

He credits his involvement to his wife. She supported his decision and is enthused when listening to his experiences.

Cannavino started to research volunteer opportunities in Cleveland. He turned to the internet and discovered Greater Cleveland Volunteers. He knew of the agency from a friend, started following them on social media, and then learned about The My Mentor My Friend program.

He contacted the agency and scheduled an interview. Continue reading

CMSD kicks off attendance campaign


CMSD is waging a communitywide campaign – complete with billboards, yard signs, bus placards and radio spots – aimed at raising school attendance.

The “Get to School. You Can Make It!” campaign will target an epidemic: In nearly two-thirds of District schools, more than half of the students are chronically absent – defined as missing 10 days or more per year. Continue reading