Engaging Cleveland Neighborhoods – Farm-Fresh Goods in the City [S1E2]

Engaging Cleveland Neighborhoods – Farm-Fresh Goods in the City

This is Season 1 Episode 2 of Engaging Cleveland Neighborhoods, a magazine-style web TV show developed by Neighborhood Media, and recorded in the fall of 2016.  This Cleveland-focused show is produced with the generous assistance of students and faculty from CSU School of Communications FTIM (Film, TV, and Interactive Media) and CSU School of Journalism.

Tribe Rallycry 2016 (Let’s Go Tribe) Released to Fire Up Cleveland


Republished from an original article by CoolCleveland.com
Our baseball team has brought home the American League pennant and the entire region is celebrating their trip to the World Series.
As a tribute to our “City of Champions” MOSSOM is releasing a rocking new single today entitled, “Tribe Rallycry.”
MOSSOM is a Cleveland-based “drum-and-bass duo that “puts a harder, heavier spin on the raw rock revitalized by the likes of Jack White and the Black Keys,” says IndieU Magazine.
From highlight and fan reels, to radio and sports segment show intros, to firing up on the road to game – MOSSOM created this anthem with “Tribe Fever” – and are offering it as a FREE download heading into the World Series.

MetroHealthy Living: Fighting Childhood Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

by Dr. Reema Gulati, MD
Division Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology, MetroHealth Medical Center

I am worried about our children because they are developing fatty liver disease at an incredible rate, and fatty liver disease is entirely preventable.  I encourage you all to help foster a culture of healthy living, healthy eating and physical activity, and set examples for your children.

As a gastroenterologist and a liver specialist I see a lot of children with liver diseases and I would just like my audience to know that, unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of fatty liver disease in children nowadays something that was almost unheard of, say, 20 years ago. Continue reading