MetroHealthy Living: Fighting Childhood Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

by Dr. Reema Gulati, MD
Division Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology, MetroHealth Medical Center

I am worried about our children because they are developing fatty liver disease at an incredible rate, and fatty liver disease is entirely preventable.  I encourage you all to help foster a culture of healthy living, healthy eating and physical activity, and set examples for your children.

As a gastroenterologist and a liver specialist I see a lot of children with liver diseases and I would just like my audience to know that, unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of fatty liver disease in children nowadays something that was almost unheard of, say, 20 years ago. Continue reading

Tremont Wind Downs Tree on W 11th, Light Pole and Wires Still Sparking

A special report by The Tremonster

Residents and the Cleveland Fire Department watch a downed tree, light pole, and sparking power line on W 11th Street on Tuesday night at 12:15 pm.  Cleveland Police and Fire Departments responded to calls at around 9:45 pm, but are still waiting for power company line workers who have been stretched thin by damage from severe storms.


CEI/FirstEnergy/The Illuminating Co has arrived to clean up their draped wires, closed driveways and sidewalks, and fix the issues keeping their Tremont customers away from their homes for over 36 hours.  CPP’s side of W 11th was back up and running the morning after the storm.

Latino Art & Culture and Puerto Rican Parade 2016

(photo by Alexandra Pagan)

(photos by Alexandra Pagan)

by Alexandra Pagan

[English report] The 48th annual Latino Art & Culture and Puerto Rican Parade was this past Saturday, Aug. 6th, at Voinovich Park. One great day celebrating with family-friendly entertainment and tasty Latin foods. This year’s new venue served as a revamp for years to come.

[Spanish report]  La 48a. Anual Festival de Arte & Cultura Latina y Parada Puertorriqueña fue este pasado 6 de Agosto en el Parque Voinovich. Un dia lleno de entretenimiento familiar y comida latina. Este año con un nuevo local sirvio como modelo para los años siguente. Continue reading