Clearing the Path to the Clark Bar

Scott Sosenko Clears Path to Clark Bar

Scott Sosenko cleared the path to the Clark Bar again on Thursday, sporting his winter gear.  The Clark Bar is located at 1201 Clark Avenue.

Multi-Lingo Valentine BINGO!!! at the Literary Cafe

The Literary Cafe at 1031 Literary Ave.

The Literary Cafe at 1031 Literary Ave.


The Annual Literary Cafe Valentines-Multi-Lingo-Bingo Night will take place on Saturday, February 14 at 9:00 pm!


Bring-Your-Own-Language to Multi-Lingo Valentine BINGO!!! at the Literary Cafe…been doing it since 1999. Lots of silliness and goofy prizes. Anyone can call if they know (come up with) a language other than English. This year we are suppose to have Greek, Yiddish, Chinese and Serbian. In the past we’ve had spontaneous games of Pig Latin Bingo, Opera Bingo, Marilyn Bingo, etc. Interesting what people come up with… All Tremonsters should come and check it out. It’s fun.

Hey, you might get lucky.

Beecology Becomes Beessential


“We wanted to more clearly convey the essential role bees play in our environment and daily lives,” said David Rzepka, owner and operator of Beessential.

David Rzepka: owner and operator, Beessential.

by Jessie Schoonover

Hello, Fellow Tremonsters!

Beecology is changing its name to Beessential. The Ohio business based in Bedford Heights has decided to fine-tune its brand to illustrate the link between its naturally-inspired ingredients and living chemical-free.

I work for Beessential and I live in Tremont.  In the following months I want to pass along some of what I’ve learned about the vital role bees play in our lives, and give you more in-depth details about this incredible, local Cleveland honey-based business, Beessential.

In this introductory article in The Tremonster, I spoke with the co-owners and operators of Beessential, David and Amy Rzpeka, who, as you will find out, are beekeepers. Continue reading