Crust Tremont Re-Opens on Professor

Crust Pizza Kitchen (216-583-0257, 2258 Professor Ave.) is testing a “soft” open this week, opening daily at 4 pm until owner Mike Griffin and co-owner Megan Griffin have their brand new place running on all cylinders with their new, bigger space, new menu offerings, and new liquor license before returning to regular hours. Welcome back, Crust!

Tremonster Profile: Crust Tremont Co-Owner Megan Griffin

A special report by The Tremonster

Crust Pizza (1020 Kenilworth Ave., 216.583.0257) has become a staple in Tremont since opening in 2012 and continues to attract Cleveland’s pizza lovers every day. The Tremonster team went to the original Crust Tremont location to meet its co-owner, Megan Griffin, and to see how their team creates this fan-favorite pizza. Continue reading

Crust Opens Second Location

a special report by The Tremonster

The new, second location for Crust – in Midtown Cleveland – is up and running.  Now, the familiar sights and smells that have beckoned Tremonsters half way down Kenilworth from either W. 10th or W. 11th Streets to the small but mighty Crust Tremont location are having the same impact on new customers from the intersection of St. Clair Avenue and E. 30th Street. Continue reading

CRUST Set to Re-Open with a New Oven


A special report by The Tremonster

Crust Tremont has been closed for the past two days as it installed a brand-new, custom-made pizza oven.  Mike Griffin, CRUST owner/operator, was most impressed with the American company that supplied the new oven for CRUST, Marsal & Sons, Inc., located in Lindenhurst, New York.

Griffin said, “When you order it they start building it from scratch in New York — it comes from Limehurst, New York.  They built this from scratch, and they’ve got stone slabs lining the oven bottom.  This is what we’ve got going at our new downtown location [opening soon — keep an eye on The Tremonster for updates].”

As for why CRUST needed a new pizza oven, Griffin said, “We couldn’t keep up with our pizza orders with that little oven…it was crazy — especially on the weekends — it was too much.”

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Tremonsters Thaw at CRUST

TREMONT — Crust was hopping with Tremonsters coming in from the cold on Kenilworth, and getting toasty in the pizza-oven-heated storefront.  It seems this morning Tremonsters woke up cold and hungry, and with the same idea… “I think it’s time to bundle up, and trudge on over to Crust, and…

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