Probate Attorney: ‘It’s a Standard Eviction’


Paul Dlugos, outside his late father’s home on W. 11th Street (photo by Henry Senyak)

 A special report by The Tremonster

“It’s a standard eviction,” said probate attorney, James Wagner.  Wagner was standing on the street watching the eviction process near the chest-high pile of Paul Dlugos belongings covering the tree lawn in front of 3155 W. 11th Street.  “It’s not so standard, obviously, but…”

According to Wagner, “Paul was the administrator of the estate, but the court removed him.  The court removed him because he didn’t post the bond and he lied to the court about who the heirs are — he filed an application saying there’s no heirs.  There’s five other heirs; family members.  They’re all family members.  Just go to the probate court docket, and search under Karol Dlugos.  It’s all in the docket.  It’s all in the docket.”

Here is a link to the full Cuyahoga County Probate Court docket found under the name Karol Dlugos of 3155 W. 11th Street, including document PDFs.  It is case number 2015EST206731, titled, “THE ESTATE OF KAROL DLUGOS.”  Below is a reprint of the docket dates and descriptions without PDFs. Continue reading