A Call for Moderation in Development by Dawn Lorring

On August 7, 2015, the Cleveland Planning Commission will meet in City Hall, Room 514, at 9:00 AM to consider Knez Builder’s proposal. I urge my fellow residents to attend this meeting and have their voices heard.
by Dawn Lorring

As Cleveland’s revitalization gains momentum, wonderful things are happening. More residents live in downtown and new retail shops and world class restaurants abound. Long past are the days when Cleveland was known simply as the mistake on the lake.

One of the reasons that my husband and I love Cleveland is that every neighborhood is unique. Who can’t fall in love with the artsy vibes of Waterloo and the Detroit-shore way and the bustling night life in Ohio City? That neighborhood feel is exactly why we chose to move to the distinct pocket of Tremont known as Duck Island. We have a beautiful mix of neighbors who are committed to our “little neck of the woods.” With mainly older homes, with nice yards, Duck Island is a neighborhood where everyone looks out for each other, says hello and asks how you are doing. In the busy world of today, that is difficult to find. Continue reading