So Long, Sammy!

Sammy Catania

Sammy Catania

A special report by The Tremonster

Terrible news in Tremont.  We learned only recently about the passing of Sammy Catania.

In an email Wednesday morning, Lynn Murray, Tremont West Board President, wrote, “Tremont West’s Development Director and our friend and neighbor Sammy Catania died yesterday.  Tentatively the funeral arrangements are a service at Trinity Cathedral at 2230 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115 on Saturday, December 12th, at 9:30 am.  Please check the TWDC website for any updates.  Roberta is asking for cards with your ‘Sammy’ stories. You can drop the cards off at Tremont West or at the house.”

Catania’s presence will be missed day-to-day on Tremont’s streets, but he will also be missed as a presence in the long-term development of Tremont.