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A special report by The Tremonster

On Sunday, June 2, the congregation of the St. Theodosius Orthodox Christian Cathedral gathered for services on the grounds of St. Theodosius Cemetery, near the intersection of Biddulph Ave. and Ridge Rd. After the event-sized tent quickly filled to capacity, an overflow of parishioners stood outside the tent entrance holding umbrellas to shelter themselves from the rain.

“It reminded me of difficult moments when I was at the Cleveland Clinic as a chaplain and family would gather around the bed of their family member,” said Father Jan Cizmar, St. Theodosius Priest. “They could, of course, do nothing, but they want to be together as a family. You know these moments when you’re sitting and waiting to hear what the doctors will tell you. In our case, what structural engineers and professionals will tell us we’ll do with the church. We really can do nothing in this case. But we want to be together, support each other, and pray. God is the one who is in charge.”

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