Natasha Pogrebinsky: Executive Chef at The South Side | by Amanda Lloyd

Natasha Pogrebinsky wants you to try her made-from-scratch cuisine at The South Side and the Hi & Dry.
by Amanda Lloyd

The Tremonster team is excited to introduce a new food feature, “Chef in the Land,” which we are launching this summer as both a TremonsterTV web series and a regular print column. Natasha Pogrebinsky, executive chef at The South Side and The Hi & Dry and creator of “Chef in the Land,” will be partnering with The Tremonster to produce web and print segments focusing on her passion and mission: using locally sourced, fresh ingredients to create modern cuisine with connections to her life story and inspired by her past. Some upcoming segments of “Chef in the Land” will include Pogrebinsky procuring ingredients from vendors at The West Side Market, area farms, and local food purveyors.  Pogrebinsky, former owner and executive chef of the acclaimed Bear in New York City, is no stranger to the camera, appearing on Food Network programs such as Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay. To begin our partnership with Pogrebinsky, we sat down with her at The South Side to discuss her culinary philosophy, additions to the South Side menu, and fascinating immigration from Ukraine to Cleveland. Continue reading

The South Side: “The Best Walks in Tremont”

A special report by The Tremonster

“The best walks in Tremont,” said Sherman Delozier, owner of The South Side in Tremont, as he cleared the snow from the sidewalk in front of his restaurant.

Thursday morning, Tremonsters woke up to find eight to 12 inches of lake effect snow coating the neighborhood.  Residents and business owners dug themselves out of driveways and sidewalks, enduring wind chills that dipped well below zero.

“I love this season,” Delozier added, sincerely.

Check out his sidewalk work at The South Side, 2207 W 11th Street.