Tremont Residents (and Their Dogs) Rally to Save Lucky Park

After Lucky Park was listed for sale, Tremonsters rallied to call for keeping the valued Tremont neighborhood plot as green space (photos by Michael Jankus).

by Michael Jankus (

TREMONT— More than 50 Tremont residents gathered at the corner of Starkweather Ave. and Professor Ave. on  May 23 for the Save Lucky Park Rally to speak up for one of Tremont’s most adored green spaces.

Residents of all ages, and at least a dozen of their dogs, met Sunday evening at 7:00 pm to take a photo at Lucky Park and share what the park has meant to them in light of the recent news of its for sale status.

The 3,000-square-foot patch of greenery has been placed on the market by the property owner for $109,000. Tremont West Development Corporation will bid on the space.

Tim Harrison, co-chair of Tremont’s South of Jefferson Block Club and one of the rally’s organizers, recounted the park’s journey through the years and the ways the community has come together to care for the park, improving and maintaining it themselves for decades.

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