The South Side: “The Best Walks in Tremont”

A special report by The Tremonster

“The best walks in Tremont,” said Sherman Delozier, owner of The South Side in Tremont, as he cleared the snow from the sidewalk in front of his restaurant.

Thursday morning, Tremonsters woke up to find eight to 12 inches of lake effect snow coating the neighborhood.  Residents and business owners dug themselves out of driveways and sidewalks, enduring wind chills that dipped well below zero.

“I love this season,” Delozier added, sincerely.

Check out his sidewalk work at The South Side, 2207 W 11th Street.

Tremonsters Thaw at CRUST

TREMONT — Crust was hopping with Tremonsters coming in from the cold on Kenilworth, and getting toasty in the pizza-oven-heated storefront.  It seems this morning Tremonsters woke up cold and hungry, and with the same idea… “I think it’s time to bundle up, and trudge on over to Crust, and…

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