Beviamo Café Set to Re-Open on Professor

by Danny Rizk

Hey Tremonsters! This is Danny from Beviamo Café (2275 Professor Avenue).  We [have moved] from Literary onto our new location on Professor Avenue, 2275.  We’re awaiting some custom furniture, some live edge wood tables, and a big barn door from a local company for our big game room in the back.

We started in a 500-square-foot location on Literary Road with a very small coffee bar and a limited vegan and vegetarian menu.  We had some avocado toast and some smoothies, which will all be back.  We did refine our smoothie and sandwich menu and added a ton of new vegan options, as well as some new carry-out and grab-and-go options as well.


We closed our doors in mid-August, over on Literary Road, with hopes to be open within a short couple months.  We did run into some hurdles here with parking variances and other mundane old city laws that we had to work through to get things rolling.  Luckily, we are able to open before the end of the year and bring people a great coffee shop experience in the winter when everyone’s looking for lattes.

We did hone in our craft a little bit more and offer a full organic line of coffee that’ll be available for purchase online as well as retail, in the store, as well.  We’ll also have alternative milks, including Milkademia and Oatly, for people that want lattes and cappuccinos, but want a really great-tasting milk alternative.  Our kitchen is 100% vegan as well.


We will be bringing in some new vegan cheeses for a cheeseboard, and we’ll have daily specials as well that I think everybody will enjoy.  We’re bringing back the Beviamo bowl, which was our really popular rice-and-chickpea bowl with local salsa and all-organic ingredients.  Also, we’re going to be introducing some new events here in the game room and having options for business meetings or parties that can rent our room as well.

I think everybody will be really excited about our updates and the progression that we’ve gone through in the last year-and-a-half being in business.  Please stop in and let us welcome you to the new Beviamo Café!

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