Everarbor to Lead Clean Up at Scranton-Brainard Garden on 7-23-17

Everarbor Company, Tremont’s outdoor lifestyle company, will lead a community volunteer garden clean up at the intersection of Scranton Road and Brainard Avenue on Sunday, July 23rd.  Meet up at Everarbor Co. (2116 Brainard Ave) at 8:00 am and go to the Scranton-Brainard garden as a group, or join at the site to pitch in when you can.  For more information, contact Derek Skapes at Everarbor Co., by calling 440.823.7945, or emailing Derek@EverarborCo.com.


The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Tremont is gearing up once again, to host the 45th Annual Tremont Greek Fest. The Tremont Greek Fest, which celebrates the Greek American diaspora in Cleveland, Ohio, welcomes the city to experience being Greek for the weekend.

The Tremont Greek Fest held Memorial Day weekend May 22rd – 25th is another highlight in Cleveland’s Memorial Day weekend activities. The festival is free of charge and parking is free. All major credit cards are also accepted.

There will be plenty of food such as gyros, lamb shank, Dolmathes (stuffed grape leaves), baklava, and many assorted wines, Greek beer, and plenty of Ouzo.  This year, the festival committee is working on showing the “Big Games” so that you don’t have to miss a minute of the action. Details to follow. Continue reading

Dark Silver II: 12X at Mastroianni Photography and Arts Opens on March 13

Dark Silver II 12X


by Steve Mastroianni

Dark Silver II: 12X is the second installment in the new series devoted to portraits made with traditional black & white film and processed in the darkroom. For the new set of portraits, a series of parameters were created to provide a framework for the portraits. Photographs were made in the studio with a twin lens reflex (TLR) medium format camera, under a similar lighting scheme utilizing continuous hot lights and a seamless backdrop, and each subject was limited to one roll of film (12 exposures). Then, an enlarged proof sheet was created in the darkroom from each roll of film, and each proof sheet is displayed as part of an installment of the entire set of portraits. As a result, each and every shot taken of each subject can be seen; nothing was edited out. Continue reading

Bob Shores on Night Out Against Crime at Steelyard Commons 8/5

Bob Shores

Bob Shores

NNO is as much about community building as it is about educating the public on safety. Police officers conversing with members of the community at this event accomplishes two goals: First, people get to know the police officer on a personal level, allowing a human face to be associated with law enforcement. Secondly, the police officer has the same experience with the individuals whom they are charged to protect and serve. This all serves to make the Second District area a stronger community. Coupled with a great party, NNO also translates into a wonderful celebration of our diverse community. -Bob Shores, Second District Community Relations Committee Co-Chair