‘Changing Lanes’ by Joe Cimperman

Photo by The Tremonster

Photo by The Tremonster

by Joe Cimperman

Dear Friend

I wanted to let you know that this morning an announcement will be made regarding my resignation from Cleveland City Council this Spring.

I am leaving to join the team as President of Global Cleveland and am very excited to work on the effort to bring newcomers, immigrants, and refugees to this great city, the city we all love and call ours. I am also excited to talk about why we are able to welcome people from other places; because the people here in our great community make this a place worthy of welcoming old friends we’ve just met.

It has been the honor of a lifetime serving the great people of ward 3 and learning from you, laughing with you, building with you, growing with you, and taking our city and her amazing neighborhoods to the next level.

When I started running for this job both my parents were alive. They are gone now and I only wish they could see the greatness of a people working together for the common good. Through so much, through elections, and mistakes and tragedies and a life lived we have worked together to pick ourselves up and realize our time and our abilities.

In 1997 Downtown had 2000 people living in it and no special improvement district; today we are at 16,000 people and growing with a force of good at the Downtown Cleveland Alliance that does good every day. Ohio City had over 60% commercial vacancy on its main corridors and is now thriving and growing and providing opportunities with less than 5% vacancy now.  Over the last 18 years Tremont has increased its residential population by over 4 times what it once was, becoming an example of a community that picks itself up and shows the world how to succeed and live life to its fullest. In Stockyards/Clark Fulton neighborhoods we have begun to welcome refugees and newcomers from all corners of the globe to provide housing for the stranger and a place of love for those coming from affliction.

In all of our communities we have been able to provide more services for those in need, more shelter for those without any, more health care and health policy for those battered by disease, and more examples of human compassion for all of our sisters and brothers.

I am proud of what we have done and grateful to have been able to do it with you.

I’m not going far, I will assist the new Council person in any way helpful. My email is joecimpermail@gmail.com.

It’s been amazing and I am so very grateful.

To a better 2016 and a closer Cleveland.



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  1. Service to mankind.
    Thank you Super Joe

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