Dear Cleveland Council President Sweeney

by Mark Pratt

Council President Sweeney,

I am writing this e-mail in light of recent news I have received concerning my neighborhood. I serve as a Chairperson for the MCC-HBR block club in Tremont. Under the newest plans for ward re-districting it appears that half of my block club will become part of Ward 12 (the boundary line between Ward 3 and Ward 12 will cut right through my block).

Specifically, this will isolate our corner of Tremont from the rest of the neighborhood and group us with Slavic Village and Brooklyn Center which are geographically separate. While I understand that the wards must be changed I do not understand how cutting our block club in two pieces and out of Ward 3 would be beneficial to anyone.

I have heard that some people do not recognize the HBR block area as part of Tremont, which allows them to dismiss our part of the neighborhood from consideration when redrawing the boundary lines. This is not true; we are part of the Tremont neighborhood and to cut us out from the rest of the neighborhood will adversely affect us.

Thank you,
Mark Pratt
MCC-HBR co-chair

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