Installing Security Cameras for Tremont


Security Cameras for Tremont Program

Brian Devine began installing the Security Cameras For Tremont program network, starting the week of May 16.

A special report by The Tremonster

Good news from the Security Cameras for Tremont program. According to Brian Devine, the optical component of the package has dropped in price considerably.

With the introduction of Ubiquiti’s third generation professional camera the funds raised through the project’s page will extend further than originally projected.

In addition to installing the original number of cameras planned the program will now be extended to include possibly more locations and continued maintenance.

Site surveys are under way, server firmware updated and equipment has been ordered.

Tremont property owners interested in getting involved may contact Brian Devine ( to arrange for a complimentary site survey.

For more details, see The Tremonster’s original report on the Security Cameras for Tremont Program.


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