Issue 6 for Cuyahoga Community College

 Issue 6 for Tri-C

Issue 6 for Cuyahoga Community College

Every day, more good jobs require college education. Tri-C is the leading educator for good jobs such as those in our community’s technical workforce and health care sectors, as well as for students preparing to enter four-year degree programs.

As an affordable, high quality college, Tri-C is crucial to the success of our local economy and families. That is why our proposed 2014 levy is a necessity to:

  • Keep college education affordable and accessible for Cuyahoga County’s students and families
  • Protect the local economy and workforce competitiveness with up-to-date education and training
  • Enable students to earn 2 years of college credit affordably, seek bachelor’s degrees, and graduate with far less debt
  • Maintain access to high quality technical degrees, university transfer courses and job (re)training with up-to date technology

Tri-C has cut millions to save money and focus our resources on student success. Without the levy, Tri-C would have to cut $40 million more annually, which would require serious reductions in programs and access to higher education. That would be devastating to our community, and the 60,000 students a year who attend Tri-C.

The proposed levy is to sustain Tri-C’s enormous educational and economic impact. We believe the additional investment of $2.63 per month ($100,000 home) is essential for the hard-working students, families, businesses and economy Tri-C has served effectively for 50 years.

Early voting started on October 7.  Election Day is November 4.

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