John Rivera-Resto restores his mural, “It’s Up to Us”

A special report by TremonsterTV

John Rivera-Resto ( restores his mural, “It’s Up to Us,” west of W 25 Street on Clark Avenue after it was vandalized this past winter.

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  1. kathleen harrison

    This mural is the most iconic one in Cleveland. I remember watching its progress, and realizing how it fit our community to a T. I live in Cleveland but where ever I go I tell them about this one and how they have to see it. When I saw that it had been defaced, I couldn’t believe someone would do this to something so beautiful, real, life like. It was a sad day for our area that is fighting so hard to stay strong. I want to thank all who has made the repairing of the mural possible, and for you for taking your time to repair it

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