Lifelong Tremont Resident, Paul Dlugos, Evicted from Late Father’s W. 11 St. Home


Evicted along with Paul Dlugos was his late father’s 12-year-old dog, causing concern that the dog is now roaming the street in distress.

This report was submitted by Henry Senyak earlier this evening:

Today is a very sad day in Tremont. lifelong Tremont resident Paul Dlugos was evicted from his late father’s West 11th St. home. If many remember, in late 2014, his father, Karol Dlugos, died on the sidewalk near Merrick House. Paul took care of his father’s needs. Karol did not have a will; Paul has brothers and sisters in Europe; he had a relative who filed court papers striping Paul as Court Appointed Executor, which has now led to his eviction.
We all see Paul every day, riding his bike in his hoodie — even in 90 degree weather — in the Lincoln Park area. I went to High School with Paul and graduated with him in 1981 from Cleveland Central Catholic.
Paul is not in charge of his faculties and has not listened to advice from friends, neighbors, block club and Tremont West Development Corporation (TWDC). He signed documents from a Probate Court appointed trustee (attorney), not knowing what he signed.
We all remember when the Auburn Block Club and TWDC had a fundraiser for his father’s funeral expenses, of which his relatives did not pay a dime. Paul took every dollar he had (close to $8000.00) and he paid to bury his father, he paid the taxes for two years, and he paid the bills for the same period of time.
Now, the social system has failed him (granted, he is his own worst enemy); this is not right. Cory and Matt from TWDC were on-site, and I was there, too, for three hours this afternoon. His relatives were not caretakers for Paul’s father, Karol, but now this process is in motion; Paul may not be able to even get the funeral expenses back.
See the pictures: when I left West 11th street, twenty scrapper pickers were taking his stuff. He’d already threatened to kill people while I was there.
Please be aware of this matter and support Paul and encourage him to agree to an attorney to act as his legal guardian and assist him. So he does not loose out on the West 15th house to live in. That house is not habitable, and after tomorrow at 5 pm, he will be sleeping under I-71 on Starkweather.
They evicted his late father’s 12-year-old dog, the dog is roaming the street and is in distress watching all these idiots coming to take the family mementos.

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  1. 🙁 I hope some nearby peeps could help him box up the mementos and get him storage somewhere.

  2. That sucks. We’ve all known Paul our entire lives

  3. That is so wrong god bless him

  4. Yeah my dad lives right down the street and it was hard to see that..poor guy

  5. That is awful, his family should ve ashamed that their not helping him

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