Mayor Jackson and Division of Police Introduce Community Engagement Officers to City Neighborhoods

by Nancy Kelsey

Today, Mayor Frank G. Jackson, Chief Calvin D. Williams and Deputy Chief Wayne Drummond provided background on the Community Engagement Officer (CEO) initiative and introduced the 15 new CEOs.

This initiative further demonstrates the City’s commitment to creating a better quality of life for residents. Each of the city’s five police districts has three CEOs focused on grassroots relationship-building, based on the specific needs of each district.

“It’s really about community engagement and community policing in a way that connects police officers with individuals and community organizations and community groups to have a real feel for what’s going on on the street,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “People think of police answering 9-1-1 or going to homicides or robberies. This is a different approach.”

The positions are a national model for policing and are funded by a grant from the Department of Justice, COPS office. CEOs were picked by their district commanders because of previously demonstrated skills in community outreach. The average day of each CEO varies depending on the neighborhoods in which they’re assigned. Some may attend community fairs, neighborhood meetings or meet residents door-to-door. Others may visit a school, recreation center or park to interact with kids, while others attend senior events.

“Open communication with officers is important, especially in helping to prevent crimes and gathering important tips after crimes have occurred, “said Chief Calvin D. Williams. “All officers are responsible for engaging in community and problem-oriented policing, but CEOs will be the familiar faces in your neighborhood.”

The officers are intended to be a key resource for residents they meet regarding safety issues in their communities. They also connect residents to other officers and city departments.

“My district is located in the same area in which I spent the majority of my childhood and teen years,” said CEO Sabrina Walker, serving the Fifth District. “I get to give back to the same community that invested in me.”

CEOs, listed with their badge numbers, include:

First District: Kerry Adams (#49), Juan DeJesus (#1881) and Lyniece Turner (#2581)

Second District: Carlos Garcia (#673), Carole Hageman (#603) and Hubert Kidd (#865)

Third District: Howard Hart III (#2369), Ervin Lee, Jr. (#1692) and Rashawn Rahim (#238)

Fourth District: Antonio Andino (#791), Carmen Hall (#1036) and Crystal Lewis (#1666)

Fifth District: Nelson Muniz (#1568), Sabrina Walker (#1788) and Aarius Waters (#657)

Click here to view more information about the CEOs.

By early 2019, the Division of Police expects to continue bolstering its service by hiring 250 new officers. For more information about public safety recruitment, visit Follow the #CEOinCPD hashtag on social media to learn more about the CEOs working in Cleveland neighborhoods.

Nancy Kelsey is the Social Media and Digital Communications Manager for Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Office of Communications at the City of Cleveland.

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