Senyak hands off signed petitions at Meeting on CPL South Branch’s future

Henry Senyak hands off signed petitions

Henry Senyak hands off signed petitions to Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative’s David Jurca at a public input meeing on the future of the CPL South Branch

A special report by The Tremonster

Henry Senyak handed David Jurca, Associate Director at the CUDC, signed petitions to “repair and reopen historic Carnegie South Branch Library in Cleveland, Ohio” gathered at the online petition site, (

Senyak was one of many Tremont and greater Tremont residents filling up the seats of the CPL South Branch Community Vision Plan Meeting that was held on Wednesday, from 6-8 pm at the HUMADAOP Youth Center.

The meeting held to offer a dialogue about the future of the South Branch Library and its permanent home.

Eighteen months ago the South Branch Library was relocated from the Historic Carnegie Building on the corner of Clark and Scranton Avenue to farther west on Clark Avenue. The current location is temporary.


  1. Henry and other Tremont residents made it clear that the neighborhood needs the library in the historic building and historic location. Ward 14 Council rep Brian Cummins sat out this event and did not even send a representative. He is playing some sick poker with residents – not even bothering to clarify his stand on the issue – as he continues to vacillate. A real representative would say to Cleveland Public Library – what can I do to help reopen this library? A real rep would commit to find the funds necessary to reopen it and to help restore library services to the three CMSD schools within walking distance of the Scranton/Clark location. But, there is no real rep for Ward 14.

  2. Online crowd sourcing might be a way to raise the necessary funds for repairs. Or perhaps there are foundations that support historic restoration and/or community libraries.

  3. Henry Senyak is a jerk. Just a worthless busybody and loudmouth with nothing else to do than harass people and pretend like he owns the neighborhood. He is nothing more than a huge fecal stain.

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