Upset by politics driving COVID-19 policy, Ohioans say they want fact-based leadership

Graphic by Cameron Peters, Kent State University
Graphic by Cameron Peters, Kent State University

By Justin Dennis

Mahoning Matters

They came from all corners of Ohio, all walks of life, and they’re all trying to cope with the coronavirus pandemic in many of the same ways — more face-time with family; experimenting in the kitchen; finally cleaning out that old, junked garage.

They shared many of the same concerns about the vast unknown that still lies ahead for Ohioans and the nation as a whole, while taking heart in the small gestures of everyday humanity that now shine brighter along that darkened horizon.

Your Voice Ohio, a journalism collaborative of more than 50 news outlets across the state, brought those more than two-dozen Ohioans together for a series of virtual roundtable discussions hosted in early August. The topic was COVID-19 because that’s what Ohioans said in a statewide poll in July is by far their biggest concern. The media collaborative wanted to know how the pandemic was affecting their lives, how they’re coping and how they envision the path ahead.

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A Call With My Parents:

Part II

Mom, Dad, and Walter (photo courtesy of Walter Checefsky)

A Call With My Parents: Part II

by Bruce Checefsky

            I worried about visiting my parents for the Memorial Day weekend because of COVID19. I hadn’t seen them since last December. They live in northeastern Pennsylvania.   We weighed the risks, watched the weather forecast carefully so any visit would remain strictly outdoors. I rented a hotel for two nights nearby in a renovated 1930s train station. A few days before driving the seven hours east to visit, I still had my doubts. I was uncomfortable knowing that I might have been exposed to the virus and not know it. Both my parents are 89-years old and their health is what you might expect at that age.

            I phoned dad to ask him what he thought.

            “I have old A.G.E,” he said with humor uniquely his own. “Whatever you decide is fine.”

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Mayor Jackson & County Executive Budish to Mandate Use of Masks Throughout City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County

Photo by Pille-Riin Priske

by Tatyana McknightJuly 3, 20200 Comments

Ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, Mayor Frank G. Jackson today signed an order requiring the use of masks, among other things, throughout the City of Cleveland. Click here to view the order. Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish announced his intent to bring before Cuyahoga County Council legislation next week mandating the use of masks in the county’s public spaces.

“The spike in coronavirus cases across the City of Cleveland warrants the mandated use of masks,” said Mayor Jackson. “If Clevelanders do not heed these critical warnings and prevention efforts, the effects will be disastrous to the economy and, most importantly, to individuals and families. No one is immune to this virus.”

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Tremont Animal Clinic Appointment and Medication Pick-Up

Tremont Animal Clinic’s Office Manager Jen delivered three doses of pet flea medication into the open car trunk of a long-time client on Friday.

Less than two months ago, Tremont Animal Clinic (216-298-5011) moved its entire practice from W. 14th Street to its brand-new facility at 2885 West 25th St. The veterinary clinic cherished by so many in Tremont’s pet-loving community had just begun adjusting to its new location when the COVID-19 crisis called on the Tremont Animal Clinic staff to strategize safe appointment procedures, curbside appointment pickup, and curbside medication pickup.

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 continues to evolve, Tremont Animal Clinic is committed to adapting to the challenges Tremont, as a community, now faces.

Even in a crisis, it is of utmost importance to ensure we can continue to care for our Tremonster pets

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COVID-19 Dances in Safe Spaces: Sarah Morrison “Social Distancing with my TP”

New Facebook page launched to encourage artists to connect with socially distant audiences by innovating new work in isolation.

Visit the “Covid-19 Dances in Safe Spaces” on Facebook, hosted by MorrisonDance, for this full piece and upload or view works by other artists. This page has been created to encourage movers /artists to find creative ways to “Socially Connect” while we are barraged with “Social Distancing.”

City of Cleveland Reports First Confirmed Case of COVID-19

The City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) have been notified of a confirmed test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) in a resident of the city. This is the first confirmed result for Cleveland. The confirmed individual is a male, between ages 30-40 who recently returned from international travel. CDPH is working to identify any close contacts of this resident who would require testing or monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19.

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