‘Do Not Feed The Tremonster’

This “Do Not Feed The Tremonster” photo was submitted by Anthony Pinzone, taken on July 1, during the Ukrainian Heritage Festival.

Pilgrim Church Invites Arts, Faith, and Community Groups to Share Space

Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ is a Just Peace and an Open and Affirming congregation in the United Church of Christ (UCC), located at 2592 West 14th Street (216.861.7388, info@pilgrimalive.org). The church extends an invitation to all Tremonsters to come and share our gifts.  Carter Eugene reports on the church’s special outreach to Tremont’s arts groups, Tremont’s faithful, and Tremont’s community organizations, inviting one and all to join the many already making use of Pilgrim Church as a vital community resource (report produced by John Eppich). Continue reading

Furniture Makers Craft Table from Downed Lincoln Park Tree


TremonsterTV reports on Tremont’s shop for handcrafted furniture, Furniture Makers (767 Starkweather Ave, 216.298.4114), and how P.D. White and Alex Sutula custom-crafted a Lincoln Park tree (downed in super-storm Sandy, 2012) into a dining room table for a Tremont resident couple.

Lifelong Tremont Resident, Paul Dlugos, Evicted from Late Father’s W. 11 St. Home


Evicted along with Paul Dlugos was his late father’s 12-year-old dog, causing concern that the dog is now roaming the street in distress.

This report was submitted by Henry Senyak earlier this evening:

Today is a very sad day in Tremont. lifelong Tremont resident Paul Dlugos was evicted from his late father’s West 11th St. home. If many remember, in late 2014, his father, Karol Dlugos, died on the sidewalk near Merrick House. Paul took care of his father’s needs. Karol did not have a will; Paul has brothers and sisters in Europe; he had a relative who filed court papers striping Paul as Court Appointed Executor, which has now led to his eviction.
We all see Paul every day, riding his bike in his hoodie — even in 90 degree weather — in the Lincoln Park area. I went to High School with Paul and graduated with him in 1981 from Cleveland Central Catholic. Continue reading

Merrick House is Home Court for I CAN Schools

A special report by The Tremonster

Merrick House is partnering with I CAN Schools to provide students in their NEO Prep Academy high school athletics Program a home court in Tremont.

According to Rocky Melendez, Merrick House Assistant Director and Coordinator of Youth Services, “What Merrick House is doing is going out into the community and partnering with neighborhood schools, neighborhood churches, and other organizations within our own community so that they can utilize the gymnasium.  Continue reading

Ringing in the Yuletide Right

Notes on Attractions in Tremont Leading Up to Christmas and the New Year by Jessie Schoonover This year I came across several enriching events celebrating Christmas in Tremont. At 3 p.m. on Dec. 15 the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra performed at the Zion United Church of Christ at 2716 W. 14th St.…

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