Tremont Brainery Hosts its First Workshop at Limelight, Electric Gardens on 8-4-21

by Jack Ricchiuto and Keri November

In every community, there are amazing varieties of unknown talents. People have talents in things like cooking, gardening, languages, technology, repairs, writing, speaking, leadership, startups, parenting, grandparenting, exercise, nutrition, wellness, sports, games, arts, crafts, travel. 

Tremont Brainery is a volunteer effort hosting Tremont neighbors teaching neighbors in any area of interest you can imagine. 

Neighbors include anyone who lives, who works, or who is friends with people in Tremont. 

Free classes are available – some virtual and some in person. Sign up to be a teacher or learner.


During 2020, we all did our best to distance ourselves from those we care about for their health and our own until things started to look up. It was incredible to see how the community of Tremont came together during such a difficult time. 

Now that we’re gaining some semblance of normalcy, we wanted to discuss ideas to keep that sense of community going. 

Who we are: Tremont residents Jack Ricchiuto (Startup Coach) and Keri November (American Sign Language Instructor).

Our vision: People in Tremont provide a variety of workshops at Tremont locations. 

We will start off with a trial run to gauge the interest of people in our community. The first few workshops will be free. As time goes on, the logistics will likely change.

First location: We will provide the first free workshop in the Limelight space located at Electric Gardens on August 4th (Limelight, Electric Gardens, 425 Literary Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113). Limited spaces left–more information and registration can be found at

Introduction to American Sign Language

Wed, Aug 04, 5:30 PM – 6:25 PM @ Limelight, Electric Gardens

Get started learning how to sign. This American Sign Language [ASL] workshop will have an emphasis on basic communication skills. 

learn the necessary grammatical rules 

learn how to introduce yourself to a deaf person

work on both expressive and receptive skills. 

I will email a PowerPoint to each of you when the workshop is complete. The entire workshop will be done with visuals, and without voice.

Participants will learn how to sign “wh” questions and “y/n” questions so who, what, where, when, how, why and which one are included in questions such as where do you live, how do you feel, what’s your name and then simple phrases will be included as well such as please, thank you, yes, no, sorry. 

The workshop leader is Keri November, a part-time American Sign Language instructor at Case Western Reserve University. She currently resides in Tremont with her husband Andrew November and their two dogs; Kensie & Ace.

This workshop will be for individuals 21 and over as alcohol will be available at the location.

Making StartUps Work

Wed, Aug 04, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM @ Limelight, Electric Gardens

About the Event

Learn a simple structure for organizing any kind of startup. No prerequisites. This is for anyone who want to consider, launch, or manage a startup:

“I’d like to start a (or another) business, but not sure what kind”

“I have a business idea and don’t know how to get started”

“I’ve started work on a new business and feel I need a plan”

“I have a new business launched and want to grow it”

The session walks you through a model for organizing the chaos of start-ups, called A Path Method. Workshop leader and Tremont resident, Jack Ricchiuto, is an entrepreneur, author, coach, and entrepreneurship graduate faculty. Further minimal-fee sessions will be available as well.

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