Tremont Community AIR Art Project 2018 Kick Off

Tremont/ Duck Island/ Irish Town Bend Residents!


Tremont Community AIR Art Project 2018

Saturday January 27th, 1pm-3pm
Pilgrim Church

* Project kick off presentation
* Community art project overview
* Mini-workshop
* Community member involvement

What are the most iconic/ among your favorite sights in our neighborhood throughout the four seasons?

Think of the most memorable scenes/occurrences/events/experiences that you see repeat each year or perhaps happened once but was especially remarkable and clearly linked to a season and unique to our neighborhood.

It could be the sight of a bunch of Santas running down the street or the chance to visit St. Theodosius in winter, the sight and sounds of big ships starting back up the Cuyahoga in spring, church steeples against a crisp fall clear sky, etc…

This year’s community art project is working with the theme of cycles. In one area we will be working with the cycle of the seasons and asking participants to do a B&W line drawing that represents a favorite seasonal event or occurrence in our neighborhood. So you will get the opportunity to represent your own idea on a tile.

In addition, among the community made tiles, there will be approximately 8 featured larger tiles per season created by the community Illustrators core group. These are to represent the top 8 most iconic and remarkable scenes per season based on community and core group input.

So what are your thoughts,

Tremont/Duck Island/Irish Town Bend?

What do you think are the most iconic, memorable or remarkable seasonal images or occurrences throughout our neighborhood?

If you have a photo that you would like to share that would be very helpful.

Please share your input with me, Angelica Pozo in an email at

(please use the heading – “Seasons Around Tremont…”)

or share it on our Facebook page


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