Jennifer Scudellari on Tonight’s Night Out Against Crime at Steelyard

Jennifer Scudellari with Commander Sulzer at NNO 2013.

Jennifer Scudellari with Commander Sulzer at NNO 2013.

First Interstate Properties was approached by Target back in 2007 with a request to partner together with the City of Cleveland to host a safety event at Steelyard Commons.  Our event started off small – taking up only two parking aisles – and we invited the community down for fun, education and neighborhood awareness.  Eight years later, our message is still the same, but NNO at Steelyard Commons has grown to fill The Home Depot parking lot (and more) and has become an institution in the Second District community: an event that showcases not only our city’s anti-crime programs but what a STRONG community we truly are.  I am honored to have been part of the NNO Planning Committee since the beginning and have met lifelong friends through the process.  All of us at Steelyard Commons encourage you to come down and check out our event this year – learn a little, laugh a little, and eat…a lot! -Jenn Scudellari, Operations & Marketing Coordinator, First Interstate Properties, Ltd.

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