Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight are safe

Our Own Tremonster, Demetrious, can’t believe his Neighbor, Castro, is suspected of kidnapping

Berry-Police Outside 2207 Seymour_02_webA Special Report by The Tremonster

“This is so shocking,” said Tremonster, Demetrius, a man in his mid-twenties, who lives across Seymour Ave. from Ariel Castro, who was taken into Cleveland Police custody on Monday, suspected of kidnapping Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.

The three women are reportedly in good health after police reported a woman claiming to be Berry called 911, said she was kidnapped 10 years ago, and gave her location at a home on Seymour Ave.  “This is somebody I actually know,” Demetrius continued, “My Mom knows him more than I do.  We built this house in ’99, and we moved in in 2000.  And I’ve known him ever since.”  Demetrius seemed to search through every memory he’d accumulated over the course of 13 years as a neighbor.  He said, “He was a cool guy!  Wouldn’t think nothing of it.  Nothing of it.  He was into fashion, exotic cars, and a school bus driver.”

Demetrius had even done odd jobs for Castro.  He said, “A little yard work…cleaned his car…helped him with his grass, stuff like that…I’ve been here since 2000, so I actually got to know him…he’d drive the bus and everything.”  Suddenly, looking back on the Castro that Demetrius knew with this new information, some things about Castro have started to stand out.  He continued, “He was  a school bus driver, and every morning, around 11:00  this big yellow bus would pull up and he’d hop out and run in the house and come right back out, so I guess the whole time he was running in the house to check on the girls and stuff.”

The whole 2200 block of Seymour Ave. had been bustling with police, FBI, media and concerned neighbors, friends, and family.  A crowd had amassed at the police line on Seymour Ave. near the intersection with W. 25th St., which cheered the news that the women were alive and Castro was in custody.

Demetrius marveled at the additional information he’d been hearing from the crowd, and said, “I just found out Gina still had her same school clothes on from when she was abducted.  Her auntie was just right here, she just left Metro.”

He had also heard about Amanda Berry’s infant, allegedly Castro’s.  Again, Demetrius furrowed his brow, trying to match his own mental picture of his neighbor, Castro, with the information he’d been hearing on Monday.  He said that he had heard Castro “had a baby by one of them – by Amanda Berry.  He delivered the baby inside the house!”

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