A Call With My Parents:

Part II

Mom, Dad, and Walter (photo courtesy of Walter Checefsky)

A Call With My Parents: Part II

by Bruce Checefsky

            I worried about visiting my parents for the Memorial Day weekend because of COVID19. I hadn’t seen them since last December. They live in northeastern Pennsylvania.   We weighed the risks, watched the weather forecast carefully so any visit would remain strictly outdoors. I rented a hotel for two nights nearby in a renovated 1930s train station. A few days before driving the seven hours east to visit, I still had my doubts. I was uncomfortable knowing that I might have been exposed to the virus and not know it. Both my parents are 89-years old and their health is what you might expect at that age.

            I phoned dad to ask him what he thought.

            “I have old A.G.E,” he said with humor uniquely his own. “Whatever you decide is fine.”

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City of Cleveland Reports First Confirmed Case of COVID-19

The City of Cleveland and the Cleveland Department of Public Health (CDPH) have been notified of a confirmed test result for coronavirus (COVID-19) in a resident of the city. This is the first confirmed result for Cleveland. The confirmed individual is a male, between ages 30-40 who recently returned from international travel. CDPH is working to identify any close contacts of this resident who would require testing or monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19.

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Studio True Blue Thriving in Tremont: Our First Year on the Block

by Sean and Tracey Dwyer

You may not believe us, but we have good news about 2017:  good news and even better news!

When we moved our Studio True Blue Pilates & Massage business to Tremont one year ago, we had no idea what the response might be.  We took a risk setting up shop in our relatively hidden location on Kenilworth.  Discreetly tucked behind Kollective Tattoo, we couldn’t resist the allure of being right on the beautiful Lincoln Park Square, and we found ourselves  inspired by the historically successful businesses that had come before us at this locale.  What appeared to be a risky decision a year ago turned out to be the best move we’ve ever made.  Our clients love the covert location and the way it reflects the private, one-on-one personal training and therapy services we provide.  There is a definite experience of quiet, self-care revolution going on at our studio.  We have met so many amazing people in Tremont, and we absolutely love the communal fun that pulses in Lincoln Park with its festivals, classes, farmers markets and music.

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MetroHealthy Living: Fighting Childhood Obesity and Fatty Liver Disease

by Dr. Reema Gulati, MD
Division Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology, MetroHealth Medical Center

I am worried about our children because they are developing fatty liver disease at an incredible rate, and fatty liver disease is entirely preventable.  I encourage you all to help foster a culture of healthy living, healthy eating and physical activity, and set examples for your children.

As a gastroenterologist and a liver specialist I see a lot of children with liver diseases and I would just like my audience to know that, unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of fatty liver disease in children nowadays something that was almost unheard of, say, 20 years ago. Continue reading

What Goes Down Must Come Up

Photo by Joshua C York

Photo by Joshua C York

“Why learning to mountain bike in the Cleveland Metroparks has gotten me nowhere!”
by Joshua C York

Today I found myself atop what was oddly a very tall hill in an otherwise pretty flat part of Oklahoma. I was in Tulsa, and I rode the Turkey Mountain trail network up and down and back and forth and somehow gained 800 feet to be straddling my bike and gazing down a straight chute of rock and scree and wondering just how I was supposed to ride back down the sketchiest stretch of downhill I have ever attempted. Continue reading

Tremont Moves…All Year!


Did you know there is a big health movement going on in Tremont?  An Adult Health Challenge starts at Tremont Moves! The excitement begins June 20, 2015, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Lincoln Park (between Starkweather and W. 11th in Tremont) where initial assessments (weigh ins, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body mass index) will be provided. Continue reading

Tremont Farmers’ Market Opens Tuesday

Report from the Tremont Farmers’ Market

Opening Day for the 10th Anniversary season of the Tremont Farmers’ Market from 4-7pm in Lincoln Park is Tuesday April 21st! Here is a partial list of vendors for the 2015 season. The list is not final as I am still working on 13 vendor applications. Remember some vendors start later in the season as well or may be biweekly. More info to come this week!

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