Studio True Blue Thriving in Tremont: Our First Year on the Block

by Sean and Tracey Dwyer

You may not believe us, but we have good news about 2017:  good news and even better news!

When we moved our Studio True Blue Pilates & Massage business to Tremont one year ago, we had no idea what the response might be.  We took a risk setting up shop in our relatively hidden location on Kenilworth.  Discreetly tucked behind Kollective Tattoo, we couldn’t resist the allure of being right on the beautiful Lincoln Park Square, and we found ourselves  inspired by the historically successful businesses that had come before us at this locale.  What appeared to be a risky decision a year ago turned out to be the best move we’ve ever made.  Our clients love the covert location and the way it reflects the private, one-on-one personal training and therapy services we provide.  There is a definite experience of quiet, self-care revolution going on at our studio.  We have met so many amazing people in Tremont, and we absolutely love the communal fun that pulses in Lincoln Park with its festivals, classes, farmers markets and music.

The good news for you right now is that we are fully committed to helping you to take a significant self-care challenge in 2017.  Think of it as an act of personal uprising and inspiration in the face of all things that may have knocked you down in 2016.  The better news is that we backing up our commitment to our community by offering deeply discounted online specials every month for the entire year.

You may ask “what exactly does Studio True Blue do and why would I go there?” We are a fully equipped Pilates studio that delivers personal training to those dedicated to meaningful results, ranging from pain reduction to optimal athletic performance.  We also provide effective massage and energy therapies to support better health and optimal resonance for your whole being.  In addition to personal training and therapy services, we also offer one-on-one certification programs such as our Pilates Teacher Training program for those interested in becoming teachers themselves, as well as our own PostureRenew© technique  for those already in the field of teaching exercise who are looking to enhance their toolbox.  In addition, we also offer the ever-popular Reiki levels I-III.  We bring to the neighborhood a combined professional experience of over 40 years in classical and modern dance careers, Pilates and Yoga training, Massage and Energy Therapeutics, Mindfulness Meditation and Holistic Counseling.  Between us we have trained and worked in five different countries, and in addition to our Tremont location, we provide services at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Clinic Foundation and the Cleveland Metropolitan School System.  Our passion is meeting you at your personal level of ability and availability to make your physical and energetic goals happen.

People often come to us after spending years of time and effort using other trainings and therapies without seeing desired results; and they are often amazed at the outcomes we can provide.  One new Tremont client, Cory Berger, said, “I’ve been through a lot of physical therapy and chiropractic treatments for neck and back pain.  Since working at Studio True Blue I can feel the much-needed decompression in my spine, and I actually grew two inches taller in my first Pilates session with Sean!” Nicholas Russo, M.D. of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation reported “Sean and Tracey have taught me how to move and carry myself in a way I never thought possible; yet it has become the most natural way possible.  I am deeply grateful to them both.” And beloved Tremonster, Brooke Willis, generously added, “Tracey and Sean are phenomenal teachers and practitioners and have helped me tone, control and preserve my body through Pilates, yoga and massage.  I highly recommend their services.  Plus, they’re just wonderful human beings!”
We are so excited to meet you in 2017 to help you feel the best you’ve ever felt.  We invite you to meet us as a new client by visiting our website at to book an initial assessment or to take advantage of our amazing online January special of 50% off a one-hour massage with Sean.  Join us in our goal this year to guide you toward creating more internal space; enhancing your strength, energy, stability, focus, confidence, connectedness, co-ordination, empowerment, health, pain management, and vitality in order to reveal the optimal person that is you.  We can’t wait to meet you!

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