Clark Bar Benefit for Ramon Rivera

Clark Bar Facade Repairs After SUV CrashRamon Rivera had just started a new job and was sitting on the patio of the Clark Bar on Friday, September 5, when Shamyrah Crawford, 18, and four teenage girls drove a stolen SUV across the patio and into the Clark Bar itself.  Rivera was struck by the SUV and rushed to MetroHealth Medical Center.  Richard and Scott Sosenko say the Clark Bar is open, serving, and rebuilding just fine, but Rivera needs our help.  Scott Sosenko said, “Across his head he had 30 staples, he has a broken ankle with stitches, stitches in his hand and wrist, he broke both ribs on one side, fractured his ribs on the other side, two surgeries for fluid in his stomach, along with a lacerated liver.  He said ‘I’m the nicest guy in the world; I was sitting there having a drink – why would something like this happen?’  He was worried about his job (and because he just started a new job, the health insurance hasn’t kicked in yet); he got a new car, so he’s worried about all of that, obviously.  So, if we can do anything to help, you know?”  Please contact the Clark Bar (216.344.9999) for information on the Clark Bar’s Ramon Rivera fundraiser.

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  1. That is how the Sosenko family is just doing things to help others out in the area. God Bless the family and Ramon Rivera also .

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