Congratulations on Your 20th Anniversary, ArtWalk!

Veteran Tremonsters Share Two Decades of Memories

by Amanda Lloyd & Rich Weiss

On February 8th, Tremont will put on a super-ArtWalk to celebrate 20 years of local established and cutting-edge artwork in our restaurants, bars, cafes, and galleries.

The Tremonster received many, many thoughts and memories reflecting on 20 years of ArtWalk.  We are posting these ArtWalk comments online and in our future printed issues of The Tremonster.  We were amazed with the depth of the connection to ArtWalk so many Tremonsters seem to share. These comments give a 3-D perspective on an event that has impacted artist careers, attracted pioneering residents, and pulled visitors to Tremont from the suburbs and beyond.  ArtWalk, over 20 years, has become the pulse, the monthly beating heart of our neighborhood. We meet at ArtWalk, we are enlightened at ArtWalk, and we attend ArtWalk to see what new terrain artists are traversing.

If you haven’t been to an ArtWalk, you must go, and you must bring a friend. If you have been to ArtWalk, please consider submitting your thoughts and memories about ArtWalk’s 20 Year Anniversary to The Tremonster.

ArtWalk: Looking in on 20 Years of Attracting Attention to Tremont

ArtWalk: Looking in on 20 Years of Attracting Attention to Tremont

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