First Cameras Installed in Tremont’s Resident Camera Network

Resident Security Network Camera Installation

A special report by The Tremonster


The first home security cameras are being installed by the resident-based Security Cameras for Tremont program. Tremont has been surveyed, and residents have volunteered to have their homes hardwired for the neighborhood-wide security camera network.

The program has designed a camera network leaving few blind spots for criminals to operate in Tremont without leaving a trail of high-quality information for Cleveland Police.

A grassroots effort to deter future crime began on August 28th when Paul Duda, a Tremont home and business owner who has lived in Tremont for 15 years, launched a campaign for “Security Cameras for Tremont.”

The project is set up exclusively to purchase cameras, defray the cost of professional installation, and maintain the ongoing surveillance network of strategically-placed neighborhood cameras.
Who can participate? All are welcome to help on a volunteer basis. There are no paid positions, and there are no individuals compensated.  The camera feeds are not be publicly accessible, and the only people with access to each feed is the property owner, the network engineer, and when needed, the police.

The network cameras being installed are 1080p, 3.3 megapixel, 30 frame per second (taking a 3.3 megapixel image 30 times per second), and generate clear, precise, modern video surveillance footage that allows for the identification of objects captured.  The HD video, 3X Optical zoom, day and night recording cameras are upgradable, have a reputation for good resolution, good tracking capabilities, and an infrared LED night vision reach of 150 feet.

Also, the camera model matches existing cameras in a network of multiple business locations in Tremont, allowing individual property owners to expand the coverage of this larger, already established security network.

The optical component of the package has dropped in price considerably.  The introduction of Ubiquiti’s third generation professional camera has meant the project’s funds (raised through their page) will extend further than originally projected.

Any Tremont property owner interested in hosting a camera, including camera professional installation and property owner internet router connection for power (no batteries or outlet needed), may do so by visiting


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