Tremont General Store Garden Center Opens

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by Meg Hadzinsky

We all know the DNA of Tremont and what makes it so appealing to residents and visitors in the Cleveland area. Tremont’s walkability, diversity, rich culture, world-class restaurants and now the Tremont General Store are factors that set this unique neighborhood apart. On the corner of Professor and Jefferson, Tremont residents can find the newly opened Tremont General Store, where purveyor Kevin Kubovcik has stocked the shelves with products residents will love and appreciate.

With a background running an urban farm store, Kubovcik brings a flourishing garden center with annuals, perennials, herbs, flowers and locally sourced goods to Tremont. The General Store features foods from Lake Erie Creamery, The D.C. Pasta CO., Kernels by Chrissie as well as fresh breads, meats, salsa, and jams from other local providers. The store is also home to a large selection of quality pet products with your animal friends’ health and wellness in mind.

We caught up with Kubovcik – while he was watering his new garden center – to find out more about his background and what visitors will find at the Tremont General Store.

The Tremonster:  How long has the Tremont General Store and its garden center been open?

Kubovcik:  I opened up the Tremont General Store on April 1st, I took possession of the building on March 1st, and in that 30-day period I spent working on the inside of the store as well as filling it with inventory.  So, I got open on April 1st, and I opened [Tremont General Store’s] garden center on May 1st.

The Tremonster:  Where is the Tremont General Store located, and what was your inspiration for opening a general store and garden center in Tremont?

Kubovcik:  The store is located at 2418 Professor Avenue – that’s on the corner of Jefferson and Professor in Tremont, Historic Tremont that is, across the street from Fahrenheit, one of the hottest corners in the City of Cleveland.  The inspiration came from my experience as a manager of an urban farm store on the west side.  I took my knowledge – what I learned there – I brought it here to open my own place.  Anybody who comes in can expect to find really good, locally-sourced foods (as much as possible, which is a good majority of what’s in there), as well as quality cat and dog foods.  I’ve got some chicken feed; I’ve got perennials; I’ve got annuals, herbs, flowers, anything for your garden.

The Tremonster:  In your opinion, do you think the lifestyle of Tremont residents and those who visit here is changing or evolving in any way, and how does that correlate with the General Store’s appearance, here in Tremont?

Kubovcik:  Well, I think…from what I can tell from my customers, they like – they really love locally sourced foods available to them on a regular basis.  It’s here when they come in and they want it.  They like the prepared foods (such as the kimchi and the pickles and the cheeses, and such).  I sell chips and salsa, crackers and fresh breads during the week.  So, yeah, they want it now, they want to be able to buy some items off the shelves, take it home and make dinner with it…anything from meat to canned goods and cheeses.

The Tremonster:  They don’t have to get in the car and run the A/C; they can just walk here and—

Kubovcik: –This is a walking community, definitely, so yeah…and having pet foods available to them, so they can just come in and walk home with it; they don’t have to throw it in the back or the trunk of their car and drive…so, it’s very convenient.

The Tremonster:  What are some unique products that Tremonsters can find here at the General Store?

Kubovcik:  Well, for their dogs – this is the most popular treat – it’s a 36-inch-long rawhide stick.  Give it to them, let them run around with it, watch them go through a doorway with it and – (Kubovcik breaks the brittle rawhide] snap – or, it snaps off very easily and you can feed the dog over a period with pieces.  I also have awesome pig ears for ‘em, rawhides, and other really good, grain-free dog treats.

The Tremonster:  What do you have for the cat-lovers here at the General Store?

Kubovcik:  Really good cat food and kitty litter.

We asked Tremont resident Jessica about how the Tremont General Store fits into the culture and environment of the neighborhood and what qualities of the store will ensure it sticks around. “The General Store supports healthy living and local business, and it’s a store that we don’t have at all, you can go to the convenience store to get your beer and cigarettes but here you can get good food, good drinks, your pet food, garden needs, everything really,” said Jessica.

The next time you need to prepare dinner, feed the chickens, or spruce up the yard visit “the hottest corner in town” as Kubovcik refers to it, and pop into the Tremont’s General Store to see for yourself all this shop has to offer.

Tremont General Store photos by Meg Hadzinsky

Grace, the Tremont General Store Cat (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Stocked shelves inside Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Stocked shelves inside Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Seed Savers Exchange at the Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Seed Savers Exchange at the Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Pet supplies are available at the Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

Pet supplies are available at the Tremont General Store (Photo by Meg Hadzinsky)

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