Holmden Hill Community Garden Update

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by Grai Oleksy

Hello, Tremonsters!  The most exciting thing coming to our Holmden Hill Community Garden this year is the 37th Annual Meeting of the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA).  The ACGA convention will be hosted August 4-7 at Cleveland State University, and the Holmden Hill Community Garden has applied to be a stop on the group’s garden tour.  The ACGA annual conference brings together hundreds of individuals from across the United States, Canada and abroad who are engaged in all aspects of gardening and greening. The conference includes hands-on workshops, presentations, poster sessions, keynote speakers, and visits to community gardens, urban agriculture sites, food security projects and other green space in Cleveland.  There will be people from all over, checking out some of our urban farms and gardens.  The ACGA tour stop application asked for the focus of the Holmden Hill Community Garden, which is utilizing native plants, biodiversity, working with bees and other pollinators, and of course, growing vegetables.  We focused on our garden’s biodiversity aspect because we have a wide variety of plants we have added over the years.  For more information or to help us prepare the garden, contact me at go.tutut@gmail.com, or search for the Holmden Hill Community Garden page on Facebook.

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