Matt Peterson on Night Out Against Crime at Steelyard Commons 8/5

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Matt Peterson

I first got involved with NNO when I took over as a manager with Target in Steelyard Commons. Target is the national sponsor of NNO, and because of that I worked hand- in-hand with the Cleveland Second District Police Department, the community, and First Interstate Development to implement and grow the event. After seven years of being at the Steelyard Target, I left to pursue my dream of owning my own bar and grill and landed at the Rowley Inn. Now that I am a business owner and resident in the same neighborhood that the NNO event serves, I continue to drive the “Safe Community” mentality by working with the Second District Community Relations Committee and all the contacts I met during my years with Target. I still attend all the meeting and give feedback on how to improve the event by all the lessons that have been learned from the previous years’ events. The Rowley Inn will also be cooking the nearly 4,000 hotdogs that will be served at the event at no charge to any of the visitors. The Rowley Inn wants to work to help the event and the community by spreading the word of how a safe community and strong neighborhood can make Cleveland a better place for us all to live and work. -Matthew Petersen, Owner, Rowley Inn

Matt Peterson, representingTarget at NNO 2013, accepted an award for his continued support of NNO at Steelyard.

Matt Peterson, representing Target at NNO 2013, accepted an award for his continued support of the event.

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