Cleveland’s Historic Mounted Police Unit

Cleveland’s Historic Mounted Police Unit

A special report by The Tremonster

Recently, The Tremonster asked Cleveland Police Captain Keith Sulzer why Tremonsters might be noticing more officers on foot – or even on horseback – interacting with residents in and around our neighborhood.  His answer was simple:  “Cleveland Police understand the importance of community policing in our mission to make Cleveland a safer place to live, work, and raise our children.” Sulzer emphasized the mission is felt force-wide: “Every officer in the division knows that connecting with the community is our number one goal.”  Horseback patrols, like the recent Lincoln Park patrol of Cleveland Police Officers George Janusczak and Breeze (pictured), have actually been on the rise since 2012. Continue reading

First Cameras Installed in Tremont’s Resident Camera Network

Resident Security Network Camera Installation

A special report by The Tremonster


The first home security cameras are being installed by the resident-based Security Cameras for Tremont program. Tremont has been surveyed, and residents have volunteered to have their homes hardwired for the neighborhood-wide security camera network.

The program has designed a camera network leaving few blind spots for criminals to operate in Tremont without leaving a trail of high-quality information for Cleveland Police.

A grassroots effort to deter future crime began on August 28th when Paul Duda, a Tremont home and business owner who has lived in Tremont for 15 years, launched a campaign for “Security Cameras for Tremont.” Continue reading

Installing Security Cameras for Tremont


Security Cameras for Tremont Program

Brian Devine began installing the Security Cameras For Tremont program network, starting the week of May 16.

A special report by The Tremonster

Good news from the Security Cameras for Tremont program. According to Brian Devine, the optical component of the package has dropped in price considerably.

With the introduction of Ubiquiti’s third generation professional camera the funds raised through the project’s page will extend further than originally projected. Continue reading