Thinking about signing up for an ASL Tremont Brainery workshop with Keri November? …There is still time!

If you are interested in signing up for an ASL Tremont Brainery workshop with Keri November there is still time! Go to, click on “events,” then select your class.

by Keri November

Some of you may wonder what day-to-day life is like for a Deaf person. Well, here it goes!

I was born Deaf. I did not learn American Sign Language (ASL) until I was 15. I had hearing aids which were not helpful. It was not until I was 17 years old that I received a Cochlear Implant and learned how to recognize sounds and words. I can read lips, but it is challenging to have a conversation without the Cochlear Implant if an individual does not know ASL.

It was difficult to meet and connect with new people in NYC/Long Island as the mentality is different. People are always in a rush and usually stressed out. It was uncommon for me to meet someone willing to take the time to communicate with me.

You may be wondering how did I end up in Cleveland?

I met my husband at 13 years old at a sleepaway camp. We were each other’s first kiss. At the time, AOL was in its infancy, and social media as we know it did not exist. We did not exchange phone numbers because I did not have enough hearing with my hearing aids to use the phone effectively. I then reconnected with my husband in 2015 on Facebook, and the rest is history!

We lived downtown until 2016, when we found our home in Tremont. We fell in love with the sense of community, and we were thrilled we were able to move here as quickly as we did!

While living in Cleveland, I have been fortunate to meet so many people that expressed a desire to learn some ASL to communicate with other Deaf people and me. I embraced the Midwest mentality right away! I often teach a few essential words to those I meet who want to learn ASL.

It wasn’t until last year when Jack Ricchiuto approached me and asked if I had any ideas for community engagement, that we came up with the concept of Tremont Brainery. I realized that starting this organization would be the perfect way to give back to the community!

I have so much fun teaching ASL, and it helps when my students are motivated to learn and apply their ASL vocabulary to other Deaf individuals and me. I get to teach our neighbors, but I also get to teach my wonderful students at Case Western Reserve University!

  • If you are interested in signing up for an ASL workshop, there is still time!
    ASL workshop at the Merrick House in Tremont. The workshop starts at 5:30 pm Thursday, June 2nd, and runs for one hour. Participants must be 18 and over! You must register to be able to participate.
  • ASL workshop at the new Roasted coffee shop in Tremont. The workshop starts at 5:30 pm Tuesday, June 7th, and runs for one hour.Participants must be 18 and over! You must register to be able to participate. There is a requested one-item minimum.

Go to and select “events.” Once you do so, register for the workshop you’re interested in signing up for! Another option to register; email and explain which workshop you are interested in!

For future workshops, if you are interested in teaching a workshop through Tremont Brainery or if you have a topic you would like to learn, you can request a workshop on any topic! Join the Tremont Brainery Facebook group to learn about future workshops and volunteer to teach or request a workshop! Feel free to email me directly if you are not on Facebook at

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