Tremonsters Can’t Get Enough of Their Civilization Coffee

Civilization Selling Out_1
A special report by The Tremonster

Tremonsters love their Civilization coffee…but according to Civilization owner/operator Nancy Holcepl, “The past few weeks have been crazy!”

While scooping, measuring, brewing, and serving an endless stream of devoted customers, she explained, “We normally restock on Saturdays, but this past Friday we almost sold out.  We restocked on Saturday but I had to restock again on Tuesday.  It’s now Thursday, and look,” Holcepl gestured to the quickly depleting coffee bean levels in her fish bowl-style glass drums and mason jars behind the counter.  Next to the jars was a bag of Civilization coffee beans with a receipt attached.  She said, “People have been calling in their orders ahead of time.”

Coffee sales at Civilization have exploded this spring and, judging by Holcepl’s reaction to the sudden boom in business, one could say she sees her coffee bean jar as being a quarter full rather than three quarters empty: “Great, great, great, great, great,” she said.

Holcepl’s recent bump in sales at Civilization is a great indicator for Tremont:  1) eager Tremonsters are coming out of hibernation after a brutal winter; 2) a big turnout at Civilization now may predict a big turnout for Tremont small businesses this spring; and 3) …it’s time for Holcepl to restock again.

Civilization is located at 2366 W 11th Street.  For more information, call 216.621.3838 or visit

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