Tremont Animal Clinic

Katie McCoy with Litkovitz and Tippins outside their future storefront at 3148 W 14th Street.

Katie McCoy with Litkovitz and Tippins outside their future storefront at 3148 W. 14th Street.

Tremont Residents Have Something New to Bark About!

by Katie McCoy

Long time residents of Tremont cringe when someone mentions the old Rodeo Bar & Grill on West 14th.

Tremont resident, Katie McCoy, and her business partners, Sara Tippins and Bob Litkovitz, are hoping to turn the building into something the city is proud of.  “We plan to keep it simple, calling ourselves ‘Tremont Animal Clinic’ or ‘TAC’ for short.”

The two veterinarians, Tippins and McCoy, are currently practicing in Akron and have always wanted to open their own practice.

Dr. Litkovitz is currently practicing in the Cleveland area but was looking for a change. After months of searching, they settled on the storefront location 3148 West 14th Street.

While TAC’s primary focus is serving Tremont-area residents, they felt the location was central to many surrounding cities and are hoping to expose others to Tremont’s eclectic culture.

McCoy and Litkovitz grew up in Cleveland and Tippins and her fiancée live in Lakewood. The veterinarians love Cleveland and wanted to be a part of the growth and positive energy in the city.

They also liked the idea of renovating an older building and making it as unique as Tremont is.

The doctors hope to fill a niche that other vet c

linics in the area are not currently filling. They plan to take appointments and have secluded exam rooms to keep patients separate from each other.

Tremont Animal Clinic will be a full-service veterinary clinic with on-site lab equipment, an x-ray machine, and surgical equipment.

They currently are slated to open in late December for wellness/routine appointments and hope to be open as a full-service clinic in early January.

Stay tuned for info on their upcoming open house and be sure to find their page on Facebook for more information.


Coming Soon: Katie McCoy (not pictured), Sara Tippins, and Bob Litkovitz are eager to open Tremont Animal Clinic.



  1. Dr. Bob is well loved

  2. Best of luck on your new adventure!

    • We are so excited to hear this wonderful news ! ! ! Dr. Bob is a FANTASTIC person and we will not take our babies to anyone else but him. We are looking forward to this new change for our family. Congratulation Dr. Bob , Dr. Mc Coy and Dr. Tippins. Can’t wait to visit the new facility. Best of Luck 🙂

  3. dr. bob the best, good luck

  4. Dr. Bob is wonderful! What do I do until the new clinic opens is he seeing patients elsewhere?

  5. My wife and I have been taking out cats to Dr Bob for more than 15 years because of the special care he gives each animal and their owners; he is un-paralleled….We are glad to hear about all 3 Vets opening this new place in Tremont, and I’m sure they will make a great team of care-givers.

  6. Virginia Alberino and Misty

    I was surprised to find you weren’t at Gateway, but I will be there to see you Dr. Bob along with Misty. Good Luck

  7. I am super excited that Dr. Bob will have a clinic in Tremont. He is soooo awesome and soooo loved by many! He is a great doctor and a wonderful person. I can’t wait to see the new place! YAY!!! 🙂

  8. Carson will be so happy to know that Dr Bob will be at a new animal Clinic in Tremont. Carson still isn’t completely well and still needs to come and see Dr. Bob. Thank goodness we have found you again. Carson says “meow”.

  9. It looks like you have a big job to do, but I know it’s going to be everything you hoped it would be, & more!
    Our loss is Tremont’s gain. I hope they 3soon find out how wonderful you two are! We wish you lots of good luck! Looking forward to seeing it, when it’s finished!
    You will be missed! We love you! <3
    Gary, Marci, Stogi, & Scotchie Cottrill.

  10. Absolutely LOVE Dr. Bob! I’ll be at the Tremont clinic; have followed Dr. Bob for decades. Mil

  11. Jeanette Livingston

    We love love love dr bob. And so does our dog Halle. He is a lifesaver!! Best if luck to you! Need the new phone number!!

  12. This is awesome news! Doctor Bob is the best vet EVER. I drive 25miles one way just to see him. My doggies and I are so looking forward to APPOINTMENTS and private exam rooms. (Pssst…please leave those sourpuss receptionist at Gateway. Ya’ll know which ones I’m talking about.)

  13. good news dr. bob and good luck-im sure riley will be in to see you-she was already back again

  14. I call today to get an appointment for Rusty and I heard you were gone. Al and I were very upset. The ladie at the front desk gave us your last name and of course I google. I will check everyday to see when you are open. I wouldnt take our dog to anyone else. I will tell my friend and family know about your new place. Padua

  15. I love Dr bob me and harley will follow him anywhere

  16. Mike & Rose Conley

    We are so happy to learn of your new location. Bridie is in need of your expertise. Heading to warmer places in two days. Will call in a couple of months upon return.

  17. Deanna & Heinz Apfl

    This note is for Dr. Bob from Max the big cat in kitty heaven: “Dear Dr. Bob, I tried to hang on until your new office opened, but kidney disease got the best of me on December 21, 2013. I promise that my mom and dad will see you soon as you open with my brothers, Gennaro and Peekabo. PS, sorry I didn’t behave better when you took care of me. Love, Max.”
    Deanna & Heinz Apfl

  18. I can’t wait to see Dr. Bob again!!

  19. I was so sad and shocked to hear that Dr. Bob had left Gateway when I went to pick up some routine meds for my doggie in late December. I began questioning the staff for any information that they could give me and one person finally informed me to look for a new clinic opening in the Tremont area. I googled it and found it ! …..I’m so very happy and will definitely be bringing my dog to the new clinic… My dog is eleven years old and has been under Dr. Bob care since he was 8 weeks old. He is the best Doctor ever and has taken good care of my dog. I live on the far southeast side and have travelled 30 miles (one way) for doctor’s visits with Dr. Bob but it’s been well worth the compute when you recieving excellent care.

    I’m excited for you all and wish you nothing but the best!

  20. Dr. Sara is the best! Any clinic she is with is very fortunate to have her!!! We will miss her soooooo very much.

  21. Oh gee! Just found out both Dr. Sara and Dr. Katie have started up a new practice. Going to miss you both! Best of luck.

  22. LaLita & James Duke

    I am happy to have finally found the exact location that Dr. Bob will be having his practice, he has been our pets Veterinarian forever and we will be coming to see you at your new location. Dusty & Murphy Duke (Dogs)

  23. LaLita & James Duke

    LaLita Duke
    Dr. Bob we will be coming to your new clinic, you are Dusty and Murphy’s Doctor and we have been bringing all of our previous pets to you and we are not about to change now. Congratulations and we will see you soon!!

  24. Margaret Robertson & Duke the Newf

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOo….HAPPY to have found Dr. Bob and that he has this new venture. He is absolutely the BEST in doctoring both pet and owner. I had to have Max the Great Pyrenees eventually put down and he walked me through that decision. He instills great care and confidence that he does his utmost for your beloved pet. Best of luck and we’ll be coming to see you – Duke the Newf. God BLESS You and this new beginnings.

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