COWORK Tremont: On Starting a New Way to Work in Tremont

COWORK Tremont_space
by Joe Kneale
Founder of COWORK Tremont & Tremonster


COWORK Tremont is working hard to start a coworking space in the neighborhood. Joe Kneale, the founder and a Tremonster himself, explains the project.
“Coworking spaces are shared office spaces. The coworking movement allows independent contractors, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs and small business types to get out of the coffee shop or the home office and into a more creative environment. Most coworking spaces also provide other benefits, like access to meeting rooms, reliable internet, a business mailing address, and an office scan and print station. The reason the movement is attractive is because renting a desk can be as cheap as your monthly coffee shop expense and plans are super flexible while the environment and collaboration are second to none if you get in with the right group.”
COWORK Tremont is currently looking at property. The group is talking to realtors, posting fliers, speaking with advisers and trying to get the word out.
“We are really flexible about the property itself, our needs are pretty basic — but it has to be in Tremont. We have had really good conversations about the project so far and there seems to be a need for a space like this in Tremont. We love this area, there is energy here, creativity. Our mission is to empower creative thinkers and independent businesses and Tremont is the perfect place to do that. We have the resources to purchase, lease, sublet, and renovate but we want to find the right space. Our primary concern isn’t getting rich, we want to really add something to the community with the project, and we are looking at the property we pick through that lens first.”
Details of the project, like final pricing and floor-plan, will not be available until a final location is selected, but the group is working hard to try to garner interest.
“We don’t want to put the cart before the horse, because so much depends on the property itself, but we are already generating a ton of interest. We have people in the Cleveland business community who are interested in helping the space get started – we’ve even had offers for free second hand furniture and help with renovations! We are also getting pretty good interest for potential membership and potential locations as well. Stay tuned, Tremont!”
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