Gardening and the Little Free Library at Merrick House

Gardening and the Little Free Library at Merrick House, On June 23, (photo courtesy of Merrick House)

by Rachael Murphy

Merrick House Early Childhood Education Program Pre-K classes were busy learning how to garden by planting fruits and vegetables in our new raised garden beds.

Merrick House partnered with Grow at Home owner Michael Bartunek, as well as Andy Krebs and Michael Theis, to create an outdoor learning classroom where our children can learn the process of planting fruits, vegetables and the daily care of a garden.

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Thinking about signing up for an ASL Tremont Brainery workshop with Keri November? …There is still time!

If you are interested in signing up for an ASL Tremont Brainery workshop with Keri November there is still time! Go to, click on “events,” then select your class.

by Keri November

Some of you may wonder what day-to-day life is like for a Deaf person. Well, here it goes!

I was born Deaf. I did not learn American Sign Language (ASL) until I was 15. I had hearing aids which were not helpful. It was not until I was 17 years old that I received a Cochlear Implant and learned how to recognize sounds and words. I can read lips, but it is challenging to have a conversation without the Cochlear Implant if an individual does not know ASL.

It was difficult to meet and connect with new people in NYC/Long Island as the mentality is different. People are always in a rush and usually stressed out. It was uncommon for me to meet someone willing to take the time to communicate with me.

You may be wondering how did I end up in Cleveland?

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South Side Winters in the 1940s

An old sled

Memories of Tremont Avenue

by Ken Scigulinsky

During the fall and winter, because of early darkness and the cold, my friends and I no longer played on Tremont Avenue or on the playground. In our homes after school, we read comic books or listened to serial radio shows that seemed to be attuned to kids. Jack Armstrong was one of my favorites.  I also occupied my time playing at my friend’s house or visiting the Jefferson Library.

Merrick House, a huge community asset, provided some fun in the winter as well as the summer. There was an inner area on the Starkweather side of the Merrick House that was flat and paved (that configuration no longer exists). It was hosed down during freezing weather to provide a large ice-skating area for casual skating as well as ice hockey. Boundary lines were painted on the ice to define the cage area for the goalie position. My friend, Andy became an oddity among my group when he was hit in the mouth with a puck while playing goalie. The puck chipped three front teeth in a staircase pattern, giving him a very distinct appearance and a badge of toughness.

I never played hockey and the skates I used were handed down from my cousin with blades rounded over. I never got them sharpened since that would have cost $.75, way beyond reasonableness for my mom. Later, however, I did convince my mom to give me $.25 to buy a bleacher ticket (tickets for the lower stands were $3.60) to watch the Cleveland Browns play on Sunday at Lakefront Stadium.

My friend, Red, and I took the 2-cent bus to town and walked down to the stadium. We knew the names of a few of the Browns players but the one most noteworthy to me was Otto Graham. He seemed to be mentioned everywhere. There was always hope that a field goal would land in the bleachers where we sat, but that never happened.

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Merrick House Game Day Clambake Fundraiser at The South Side 10-22-17

by Tierra Smith

Hello, Tremonsters.  The South Side restaurant’s Game Day Clambake fundraiser to benefit Merrick House will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 22, at The South Side (2207 W 11th Street).  We interviewed Merrick House Executive Director Michelle Curry to find out about the annual fundraising football event put on by Sherman Delozier, owner of The South Side. Continue reading

Merrick House High School Equivalency Programs

The Tremonster |

Merrick House (1050 Starkweather Avenue, 216.771.5077) was founded in 1919.  Tremonsters may be aware that Merrick House is known for its after-school programs and day care; they may not be aware that it also has high school equivalency and adult education courses.  This TremonsterTV report gets up-close-and-personal with Jessica Untch, Director of Adult Education at Merrick House, about Merrick House’s Adult Education offerings.  Lukas Hamlescher reports.

Tremont Moves…All Year!


Did you know there is a big health movement going on in Tremont?  An Adult Health Challenge starts at Tremont Moves! The excitement begins June 20, 2015, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in Lincoln Park (between Starkweather and W. 11th in Tremont) where initial assessments (weigh ins, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and body mass index) will be provided. Continue reading

Merrick House is Home Court for I CAN Schools

A special report by The Tremonster

Merrick House is partnering with I CAN Schools to provide students in their NEO Prep Academy high school athletics Program a home court in Tremont.

According to Rocky Melendez, Merrick House Assistant Director and Coordinator of Youth Services, “What Merrick House is doing is going out into the community and partnering with neighborhood schools, neighborhood churches, and other organizations within our own community so that they can utilize the gymnasium.  Continue reading